Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cutty Sark project

I have been asked by Cutty Sark Enterprises to make creatures that would have been found on and around the ship from the ships timber. Some of this material is from the original build, rock elm from the hull, teak decking oak and pine. It is not easy material to work - it is full of metal so takes a considerable time to prepare.

The creatures seen here are all from the teak decking. The ship carried chickens and pigs all part of my usual repetoire.

There are a lot of smaller pieces and my own offcuts from making the creatures which I wanted to try and use so I have moved out of my comfort zone and produced  a small automata of the Cutty Sark at sea. This is a mixture of timbers. The sails are from an oak refit in the 60's.

I am planning a colllie dog that Captain Woodget travelled with and no ship would have sailed without a rat or two!