Monday, March 28, 2011

Francisco A. Soeiro : Photographer

Francisco visited the workshop for a few hours recently. He is a warm, open and very interesting man. He is working on a personal project capturing images of arts and crafts people in their workshops with their tools.
I'm just amazed by the quality of Francisco's work.
I have never seen my fish look quite like this. It looks vivid but at the same time skeletal and transparent and.. magical. I look very much part of my world, proud Lord of my small, dusty domain, and just look at those hands, oversized because of the wide angle lens and strong and capable. 
When he visited he told me his wife was due very soon to give birth and they are now the proud parents of Orson, born on St Patrick's day and doing well. On the same day Francisco was diagnosed with a tumour in his mouth. He wrote: 
You know this is the stuff of life and you can only deal one day at the time. Sure, it would be a personal tragedy not to see my baby son grow up, but I try to stay positive and deal with things as they come.
He has an operation due on 8th April. I hope everything goes well for him.